Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reel Reality

You think Indian Idol is the worst you can get close to reality? Think again. I thought I had finally had enough of singing competition with its last season. But no, the “audition bus” is apparently doing rounds all over India. They chose the contestants and bring them on stage and make them cry and laugh and give them laurels and then what? Nothing, season over, you are old news. NEXT! Why do people like to vote to see people grovel on screen is completely beyond me. But I guess it gives them a feeling of self importance to see they have the POWER over people. Like the president or something. Oh such a great reality!!!

Not only that we are supposed to have mini versions of it too. I thought one hit season was enough and it will be all I see of it. Hmm… well, I was wrong again (so what else is new?) let me count, chotte ustad, lil champs, (frankly whats the difference except for the channel and the insanity level of the viewers) and now I hear there is another stupid show (don’t ask me the name, I beg you) which is building a competition (don’t ask me which) between gav ke bacche and sheher ke bacche. What the… ? if this doesnt promote cultural differences then what will?? We do protests for having reservations in medical quota and we do world wide campaign over this thing. Wow. Amazing dude!! Whatta a show. By the way does the president know about this thing? I mean the First Lady! (I think not… Bing Bing Bing… we have a winner)

Hmmm and don’t lemme start on the dance shows. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! There are so many of them. I cant even count them. Hello. Like who cares to see celebs dancing, singing, waving, groveling and screaming for votes. Like they aren’t popular enough already! And do they have a need for it? I mean really? Don’t they have enough to get along with already. Like having a boob job done or a brain transplant. (I am wrong again, no they don’t care)

One last line. You wanna see reality TV? Watch me barf when I turn on one of the show and take a close up of it. You cannot get closer than this to “reality TV” I can bet you!

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BIG Omi said...

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