Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mov(i)e on, Move(i) on

I am not a big fan of movies. I just watch them, when there is nothing better to do or turn on the TV when I need some background music while completing my journals. Barring a few movies I really hate the stuff people put on big screen and tell it's a super hit. This is a time of recession (or so I am being told, I swear I have never seen one gold shop empty since past two years) then where do they get the money to pay more than a 10 million to the actors. Or rather people who say they are actors. Again I don’t believe all the actors can act only a very few really do know their job and they are never given more credit than the super-star thespians.

What I actually wanted to say is I was totally surprised to find pathetic movies being shot and shown on TV within 3 weeks of their release in theatre (read Kites, Raavan). Due to my schedule, I get time to watch movies only two weeks after their release as I have to time my studies and the good reviews from my friends and then only I drag myself to the nearest multiplex. Needless to say, I have not watched a movie since 3 idiots was released.

I was really disappointed by the lack of ideas and imagination in the top producers and writers. Are they really going to think we will believe all the crap they stuff down our throats? I can’t blame the actors for acting without reading the script, because they are in so desperate need of money to oil their Ferraris with the fuel hike. Though why would anyone act with Himesh is beyond me. But seriously, even the songs are not original and the majority hit songs in the past month are remixes from older songs. While it is good to immortalize the old songs by adding some English tracks and strip tease, it's also important to produce songs which will be immortalized in future by doing god knows what. Use your imagination. Or don’t.

So I now take this opportunity to thank the film industry for making me a social leper by not allowing me to go to watch movies with my friends and also making me save money by not spending it in multiplexes over popcorn and sodas, thus making me more lean and healthy these days. Hence I get more lines and ‘come-over-here’ stares whenever I go out and really pathetic wannabe Indian idols singing out the remix versions when I am out of mind trying to figure out how much to tip the waiter in coffee shop (as it involves math, not one of my strong points). Thank you so much. I am really indebted to you.

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