Monday, August 9, 2010

Tweet, tweet, Dummy!

Yeah, more than two years since my last post, been keeping busy a lot. A long story, which I may reveal in my updates. (Yeah sorry for the people who were in touch with me during this time, because the stories won’t match. As I firmly believe, you never stop learning. Good times give you photos, bad times gives you blogs)

So what’s going on since the past two years of my sabbatical? A lot. Forget the past, what is the latest? Blackberry ban I hear? For what? There is no need for me to tell you. You can Google it. Where did I hear about it? Oh, let me tell you from a LOT of places. But you want top news? Go to Google or twitter. You will get the news and the reaction.

Unlike most people I am there on twitter but rarely tweet. My friend hooked me on to it recently and for a month maybe I tweeted, uploaded pics and what not. It took me around seven minutes to figure out how it worked as I was not there a regular. And it took me seven days to get bored of it. It fascinated me seeing the celebrities having followers and the non celebrities even having more followers. People begging to follow you and tweeting just for the heck of it, and that a lot of heck let me tell you. Websites dedicated to get more followers or who un-followed you. (This is such a big thing, un-following I mean, on twitter it makes me rofl) If I talk to myself I will be termed as a schizophrenic but if I tweet and I don’t get any replies, no one even blinks an eye. It just means my tweet wasn’t “twitterific” enough to catch interest or I didn’t use # before a keyword and hence didn’t show up in the search result.

I tweeted (ok chatted) with a lot (ok maybe a couple, I am bad at math) of random people, met a few nice peeps too. But I feel weird talking to them. Especially on an open internet portal. I am a very, very private person (just over 500 tweets I think and I did not celebrate like the people on twitter do by dedicating to celebs or someone else. My feeling is every tweet I make is and should be a celebration.) Just the thought that everyone will know what I am talking and thinking about gave me sleepless nights. I do not want everyone to know how much of a chocolate addict I am (yes I am declaring it officially now) only just to my friends, and if they are my friends they know it already. Big deal.

Let me clear out, I am not talking about blogging, I am talking about tweeting. Because this is strictly my view as I want to put it out and when I want to put it out. Also how and what I want people to read. (I have no need to mention the word why, if you have ended up reading this, you already know the answer)

People love letting others know what they are doing, and if you are in love with your fav celeb and he/she is a regular tweeter on twitter, it feels like you are basically living in with them (yes, people tweet when and how they are having sex too. Um, TMI much?) I just yawned and moved on. I am not famous yet and I don’t need the publicity by tweeting, so I have kept my account on a backburner.

What I wanted to point out so far, is not my lack of interest in twitter or my scorn of celebs, but the way how pathetically we as humans are lacking real company and real conversations with in-depth analysis on each topic. It's clearly a minority in the tweet world. As a human nature observer, I really feel sad for our times. Is this what we are going to tell our grandchildren when they what we did when we were their age, that we sat glued to our seats or nose in our cells tweeting what and where we were, but forgetting to actually notice it or to enjoy it?

Very few people use it constructively. An average celebrity has more than 20,000 followers in the lowest denominator (even the non-celebs and which are famous for knowing a famous person is included) All they tweet is what they are doing or giving advice or quoting quotes, which a real enthusiast may have already read it. But what about the Greenpeace foundation? How many followers they have? Less than Sachin I can bet without even looking it up. And I really doubt Sachin knows about Greenpeace even though he did that tiger ad. (he may know, but he might have forgotten about it as he is busy doing other ads) I really wish, people, especially celebs would tweet more or be concerned more about global warming and endangered species saving program. They should use their celebrity status and portal to encourage people to be concerned about it and try to rescue our fragile planet (yes even though the ads have stopped, the tigers are STILL endangered)

But then again after re-reading my post, I feel I am fighting a losing battle, as just the other day my friend and I were having an argument on a similar thing and as he very wisely pointed out, “no one cares about Greenpeace as you do because everyone thinks how to make someone fall in love with you or worrying why hasn’t my friend called me yet is more important than worrying about my carbon footprint because anyway everyone will be dead after next 40 years (thanks to the alcohol and drug abuse) so who wants to care about what will happen if we won’t act now?”

Or in more modern lingo or tweeting capacity, everyone would just tell me, DILLIGAF (look it up)

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