Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breaking news???

Ok, so finally totally frustrated, with the non-ending, everlasting soap sagas, I want to plead to the people, anyone infact who runs the television network India, to please stop it! I have usually, avoided watching the tube, because of this saas' bahu sagas. Whatever happened to the television we used to watch 7 years ago? Every channel you pick, every soap you watch it’s the same thing! A guy, if married then two wives, unmarried, then college opera, the typical fancy vamp, the lovely oh-so-sweet, the greatest thing on the earth (or at least in the serial for the time being) the ever crying, the idealistic bahu. If not this then, killing goes on, MAKEOVERS (this is so passé) maybe they plan a robbery or two, the latest trend is abortion of the gals who have child out of wedlock. Puh-lease! Give me one soap, who starts without these things and ENDS with the same motto with which it started without these things getting involved. No I dont want anyone to recommend any thriller, or cop serial. I would rather watch news its more interesting than any other serial.(but only for an hour, because I break more than news after hearing the same BREAKING NEWS) Please! And no reality shows, I would rather watch the soaps. The only bit I like is the humor programmes going on. But lo and behold the only thing I like is shifted to some other frequency and try to tell the cable operator or not I can only hear the swishing noise of the granules on the screen and catch a glimpse or two of the two laughing maestros. All I ever get in reassurance from the operator is we are working on it be patient. Or you can hear from the blast of noise which you can distinctly hear in you room even with the door closed is if you cannot see the channel; please contact your cable operator. Well, will the cable operators read this, as they have become deaf to the telephone calls? Incase anyone is as frustrated as me, wanting to watch something worth sensible, after having a tiring day at college and mouthing off a lady in the train, I will recommend, a cartoon channel. I know very less people will be enthusiastic as me to watch channels like animal planet or discovery, or Nat geo, or history channel, but hey better than those soaps. I don’t know whether I should mention the name or not, but I have found perfectly wizard shows in it. They are dubbed in Hindi, so if your mom may allow you touch the remote do find the shows. The only sad part is they come on when your mom wants to watch either the cooking show or her soap saga. I know this would have more impact if SHOBHA DE wrote it. But a humble college student is pleading. So I don't know. IF you fail like me, I will suggest, admit defeat and curl up with a sensible book, or re-read your newspaper. Solve the chai-time and I bet you will gain more knowledge than anything else.

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